Friday, December 26, 2014

365 Days

Finally a post! There are a lot of pictures that I want to post in instagram, but also there is a lazy to do that hahaha. I only think that the most important moment which has to be shared, but I'm wrong. My mom in law (soon to be) always writes all moments on her book with its details, she's the neatest person whom I've ever known. So, I'm inspired by her and should write this post which contains all of my favorites from yesterday.

Yesterday was a very great day. Obviously, C and I are having spend time together all day long. Hap hap happy! Yes, yesterday was our day. We're eating cupcakes, having lunch at the cafe where we're dating out for the first time exactly on 1 year ago, taking pictures and videos, seeing fashion show, getting a free ticket and prices from Mustika Ratu, having dinner, and etc. Lucky me! Hahaha.

The most favorite moment from yesterday are I was wearing my favorite top, watch, and bag from him and he was taking a lot of pictures for me. Finally YEAH an outfit post, of course photographed and edited by him :D


  1. kembali nulis diary ya Yu? tapi versi digital :D
    foto2nya uapiiik, kamunya udah cantik juga sih (this is a compliment, not a flattery :) )

    1. hahaha aku jadi terenyuh, terima kasih banyak kakak galau :)